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around. >>> up next, as president obama prepares for a second term, which way is the democratic party headed? to the center or to the left? and this sunday join chris matthews for a special airing of his documentary "barack obama: making history." that's this sunday at 6:00 p.m. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> i'm jackie deangelis with your cnbc market wrap. the dow gaining 53 points to finish at a five-year high today. the s&p building on yesterday's gains also at a five-year high and the nasdaq falling one point. but big mover today, morgan stanley shares rising nearly 8% after a reported better than expected earnings. and ge also
-time high during obama's presidency. just 26% see the party in a positive light. the gop has lost the most ground in this last poll with self-described republicans. the tea party by the way has its lowest rating ever if you will. positive views of the tea party have dropped to just 23%. as the democrats haggle about the best strategy now for pushing gun control measures through congress, vice president biden promised the u.s. conference of mayors on thursday that the white house will not let up. >> we're going to take this fight to the halls of congress, go around the country making our case, and let the voices of the american people be heard. >> but biden said he has no illusions about how hard that fight will be and emphasized the proposal, quote, isn't just about guns. our poll shows 56% do want stricter gun laws. 7% say gun laws today are too strict. 35% don't want any changes. 20 years ago the last time that real changes were debated, in gun laws, a full 2/3 of the country wanted stricter gun laws. this time the public appears to be looking at a complex set of reasons behind the strin
the democratic party, so, you know, post-obama where does the party go from there? >> well, first, i still want to go back to howard for a second. >> you basically do not want to -- okay. >> he has a great point. we are back to the go-go clinton days of soft money, of donors giving millions, however much money they want. will they be getting sleepovers? are their companies getting grants? that is a good story. >> we know that -- >> they say they're disclosing the money. this will be voluntary. i hope they disclose everything they get. we have no way of checking. the second, on the split end side of the party, i think there are people like sharon brown of ohio who see this as, like, you know, this election really validated a liberal democratic party's priorities and the idea that you would then go and hand republicans kind of unwon gains on entitlement cuts and cracking down on unions and things like that seem insane. >> they get a dress rehearsal in the fight over entitlements if, many of the, the president and the republicans haggle. >> yeah, and there's one in ponderable. this is an organizat
%, is at the all-time high for the gop during obama's presidency. just 26% see the party in a positive light. the gop lost the most ground with self described republicans. the tea party also has its lowest rating ever, positive views of the tea party, they have dropped to just 23%. joining me now while i get a glass of water after those numbers, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. listen. not to chew on again, but mark, why i like the segments is based on numbers. questions to what we assume are average voters out there and getting a glimpse of what these people both feel about their own personal situations and what some might call the shenanigans in d.c. >> the context is very important here, tamron. this is after the fiscal cliff fight we had right over the new year and also comes after the tragic shootings in newtown, connecticut. and of course, sets up president obama's inauguration, officially comes on monday. and he will be confronting a public that's more pessimistic that doesn't have as high expectations as four years ago. this is a very different inauguration as our own co
be done and i hope it's being done right now by the obama people and by the democratic party people because of if that work is done and if those people do turn out to vote, then ted cruz is wrong. ted cruz could still be right if they vote in the numbers they voted in 2010. >> jennifer: if the president and all of us learned anything from 2010, democrats stay home and you get what we got today in congress. thank you michael, so much for joining me inside "the war room." love your columns. in the 34 days since the tragedy in newtown 34 days, the number now, 1,013 americans have died as a result of gun violence. 34 days. that's the latest rough estimate from "slate" magazine. 17-year-old tyrone lawson is one of them. become reports the senior at chicago's morgan park high school was shot twice in the back outside of chicago state university last night. he was attending a high school basketball game and the basketball game was moved to the university site because of past violence between the two high schools. so a fight broke out after the game. shots were fired in the parking lot. tyr
house. and it's how well think party holding the white house has governed, whether or not the sitting president is running again. so if barack obama wants to extend -- which is very difficult, have three democratic presidents in a row, it is all going to depend on his success in governing and leading the country. if he is success, and comes out as a very popular president who has achieved something, then there's an excellent chance that the democrats are capture another term in the white house. if he doesn't. if he leaves as a failed president like george w. bush, then we'll get a change in party power in 2016 and this is true regardless of the identity of the democratic nominee. i think barack obama would very much like to be one of those rare presidents who passes on his success to another candidate of his own party. that doesn't happen very often. it happened with reagan and bush, and before that you have to go back to roosevelt and truman. >> michael: yeah, i agree with you, i just sort of see his relationship with biden as hilary as compelling political th
. >>> now we are four days away from the inauguration, but before we can look forward to the big party let's take a moment to look back at the last one. did president obama deliver on the promises he made? bruce leshan takes a look. >> >> reporter: in the depths of the economic crisis the president who campaigned on hope reached back to the founders' belief that we, the people, have individual rights but that we are also in this together. >> the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit. that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. >> reporter: the dean of the university of maryland school of public policy is struck by how the struggle between collective responsibility and individual rights is still at the heart of so many of our political arguments. >> how much each of us as individual americans ought to be able to do whatever it is we want and how much collectively we have a responsibility to try to advance each other. >> we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises. >> here was a guy who promised to g
out in front in opposing president obama on gun safety. so what happened? why is the gop the party of guns over people? our guests are congresswoman carolyn mccarthy, a democrat of new york, and cynthia tucker, a pulitzer prize-winning columnist. thank you both for joining us. you have been in this fight for so long, congresswoman mccarthy. i have to ask you, is there something out there in the water that's changed or are we confronting the old power of the nra? >> well, certainly we are confronting them. we'll always be able to confront them, but this time is different, and i think that the american people are realizing on how radical they actually are. you know, when you see the polls, most people in america support what we're trying to do, even nra members, so that this time is different. i think it's a combination of the gun violence that we have seen over the last couple years, but what happened in connecticut, that went over the top. we had a hearing yesterday afternoon, and i have to tell you, victims that i have been working with for years from virginia tech, from aurora, i
obama with a private ceremony swearing in for sunday. then on monday in washington, the parties with the second swearing in at the capitol, the parades, the balls. joining me now, a former national press secretary for the obama 2012 campaign. ben, good to see you. i know you've been a busy man trying to get this together. so the festivities as we explained to everybody, they actually start tomorrow. explain what starts ahead of the big parade on monday? >> sure. well, one of the differences between this inaugural and some past inaugurals is the national day of service which will take place in all 50 states beginning tomorrow. we've had staff in all 50 states organizing this. so even if you're at home, you can participate in the inaugural celebration. this will be neighbors giving back to their communities to kick off the celebration, a tradition that the president, the first lady established the last time around. and what they hope will carry on to future inaugurals. tomorrow night, there'll be a children's inaugural concert dedicated to the children of military families, partic
mirnl obama takes on hosting duties for the kids ice inaugural ball on saturday. the commander in chief's ball and inaugural ball will be on monday. thousands are expected to attend those. >>> pulling off all those parties is no small feat. everybody from the fine cuisine to the decorations has to be just right. as danielle lee reports, the party-goers are also hoping to impress. >> reporter: party planners say this iconic moment, the star-studded dance between the president and first lady will draw about 40,000 people to the washington convention center. the two official balls are just the beginning of the glitz and glamour. this party time website is mapping out 93 inaugural events taking place over five days. patrick shah peta is organizing the sold-out chef's ball. >> the balls are a good way to see the energy. >> employees at ard and soul are proceed paring the details. and special libations. >> a splash of club soda. the drink is call the sticking around to celebrate president obama staying in washington for another four years. >> reporter: four years ago official spending top $53
and family, that's all. >> 81% disapprove. and then on the republican party, 49% have a negative view of the republican party. just 26% positive. that's their highest negative number since back in 2008, the year president obama first got elected. democrats not doing much better, but better, 38% view the democratic party negatively. so gene, the president's had a pretty good time politically since the election. republicans are starting to figure out how to come back. to the extent republicans have leverage in the upcoming talks, particularly on fiscal issues, where do you think their leverage lies given how unpopular they are and how unpopular congress is? >> well, i think they have less leverage than some people think they have. i mean, i think it would be, frankly, another disaster if republicans try to use the debt ceiling, to force dollar-for-dollar budget reductions. i don't see that as a winner for them, and i can't imagine at least the party establishment is now seeing that as a potential winner for them. i mean, you know, face it. the president won the election. and he laid out
lincoln at his inauguration. president obama used it last time - and wants to use it again. he'll also use one owned by the big party is monday - but there will be events sunday through tuesday. everything from the usual balls and the parade. to a special viewing for troops in afghanistan. and you'll be able to watch the inaguration ceremony live during the kron-4 morning news on monday. it will start at 8-30 in theand we'll also have the 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for li
could have a range as? >> no. >>. >> -- rain and snow mix. >> the inauguration of dc's biggest party every four years. of course to have to have a party planner. inside the maryland workshop. >> preparations are well underway for the second inauguration of president barack obama. >> it is a massive undertaking involving thousands of people. the thousands of people will crowd into the grassy area of the national mall for the start of the official activities with the national day of service. biggest crowd is expected to go up to 800,000. they cannot have an inauguration without a presidential propman. the keeper of the official props is located here in maryland. a peek inside his workshop. >> this is the inauguration nerve center. hargrove headquarters. it is packed to the rafters with a stage skeletons, parade float parts, the largest inaugural field would have ever seen. >> you're the keeper of the inaugural seal. >> it is in this company's dna. since its first event in 1949 for president truman, hargrove has had a hand in every one's since. in 2013, the company's 70 the inauguration
if they side with the president of the united states think about what president obama has done for the progressive movement in this country in the democratic party. how can you not stand with him on this? how much more information do these lawmakers need? have we not covered it enough? other democratic senators with high ratings from the national rifle association have also refused to say if they support the president's package. max baucus of montana, senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota, senator johnson of south dakota. senator donnelley of i7d ind. senator begich of alaska, senator manchin of west virginia, senator tester of montana. however, senator mark warner spoke out in favor of the president's plan and said he believes it has bipartisan support. those senators all have a or a-plus ratings from the national rifle association. reid has a b rating. these senators know they will lose their high rating and maybe become a target with the nra if they vote for a sensible assault weapons ban. you see, we had the assault weapons ban back in 1994, but we're so screwed up in wash
and not people talking on a 3:00 a.m. show on fox news. they should not be talking about impeaching obama. it is silly. it is ridiculous. although i will say on the other hand every time one party does well in an election i don't think we do it much, but the democrats do it. suddenly they are writing our obituary. you have to change everything. >> very good point. >> when the liberals lost they never did the article, oh you are out of touch. and don't forget they have more governors. >> so it is not like they are in trouble. but, bill, our viewers are dyeing to hear your thoughts on the republican party and you actually dying. >> what is it, viewers? do you want to hear me or kill me? this is a retreat, two words, trust will fas, -- trust falls, trust tall falls. unless you invite chris christie. >> and maybe the people -- >> i have done so many retreats when i was in publishing, and it always ended up something bad happening. we did the dress as a sumo wrestler thing. and i remember doing that in a park with somebody -- i was at men's health. it was somebody from by sick ling -- bicyclin
a good party. >> i like a good party. in fact, he went out last night with michelle obama, his wife for her 49th birthday, had a good party at cafe milano. jon stewart has some things to say about lance armstrong and all of the faith that some of us put into lance armstrong, even wearing that dumb bracelet. >> number 3: >> i believed nu-lance armstrong armstrong. i space -- i shelled out a dollar for a rubber let. i did it for you. when i think of the fact that i spent a... >> well, i think we all 0 cancer an apology. or is that not the lesson. >> lance armstrong giving cancer a bad name. don't you think? >> wow. >> at the grammies tina fey and amy poehler with a lot of current comp temporary jokes including about catherine bigalow, the director of zero dark 30. >> a great year for film women in film catherine bigelow nominated tonight. i haven't really been following the controversus see over zero dark 30 but when it comes to torture, i trust a lady who spends three years married to james cameron. >> that's a great line. a big surprise guest at the g
. that's the lowest the gop has been since 2008. 38% view the democratic party negatively. and take note, everybody. monday the "morning joe" crew will be in d.c. on capitol hill. special coverage of president obama's inauguration. everything will kick off here at 5:30 a.m. eastern time monday with a special edition of "way too early." >>> as always, you can let us know why you're awake right now. shoot us an e-mail at or you can tweet m me @markhalperin. >>> still ahead, the hoax heard around the sport world. manti te'o exercises his right to remain silent, but there are new details coming up from his past interviews that are being made public. the question is, who was the real victim of the deception? was it te'o or the fans? >>> plus, stephen colbert weighs in on the president's backdrop when announces new gun proposals. that and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> police handcuffed the mayor and had medical technicians check his heart and blood pressure. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd
. republican party. they're in deep trouble. they've got some challenges. [laughter] msnbc, power point of the obama administration. a very colorful. [laughter] they got colorful faces on there now. i'm a christian and i love everyone pretty you know that, father. people got upset i call the president the black mascot of wall street oligarchs. i'm a christian, i love mascots. [laughter] but when you bailout banks not to the tune of $16 trillion but refused to bail out homeowners or when you bailout your workers, you can brag about bailing out your workers, but how come they have to change their contracts and deal with low wages and layoffs, but wall street didn't? the compensation for executives continues to be obscene and profane and nobody could raise a mumbling word in the corporate truncated multiplex. thank god for amy goodman and tavis smiley on television. that is true. [applause] and there is no way we will ever be able to reinvigorate and rejuvenate our public life unless we have was socrates had -- turned a line 24 a right before he was putting in the desk condemning him to de
which is organizing for america but always has the obama undernooet it, turn it to something that is sustainable. there have been very few political leaders in the democratic party who have worked over the course of the past four decades to take something that is sustainable and grow it. we've seen it on the right. but to see this happening on the left is incredibly important. it's the fact that michelle obama, the first lady, was the voice of presenting it? that makes me very excited. it makes me wonder if we're going to see a very engaged first lady in the politics. >> i any you're right. you know what makes me excited, melissa and e.j.? melissa says a man is still very young. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend to boet of you. >> and you, too. >> and catch melissa's show, weekends at 10:00 eastern time, 10:00 a.m. here on msnbc. >>> coming up, republicans new old call of states rights. we'll talk with a lawmaker who's pushing a bill that claims he would make it illegal to enforce federal gun laws. plus, back to school, americans are taking a class on how to talk to
-span2's booktv. >> advocates for immigration reform yesterday called on president obama and congress to make it his top party for 2013. speak at the national press club come u.s. chamber of commerce thomas donohue said defenses can be built among different groups, broad reform can be passed through the house. this is about an hour. >> good afternoon. my name is ali noorani, executive director of the national immigration forum and i want to thank everybody for joining us this afternoon for this press conference on the prospects and the growing momentum for immigration reform in the 113th congress. there are many important issues for the one in 13th congress to address. but there are few issues that have a past, a present and future of bipartisan support like immigration reform. today's event is another indicator of a new consensus on immigrants in america that emerge. to forge this new consensus, conservative leaders who hold a bible, wear a badge or own a business have worked over the last two years and gathered in the mountain west, the midwest and southeast to have rational convers
about studio 54? >> no. i never went there. i would have gone. i just didn't. >> speaking of parties, washington is having a lot of them this weekend for president obama's inauguration. we'll ask best-selling author ken davies about some of the tr you score little victories every day. now you can do it with dinner. introducing land o'lakes® sauté express®. the all-in-one sauté starter with butter, olive oil, herbs and spices... so dinner really sizzles. it's one step, no prep. and so good, they'll ask for more. and that little victory is a pretty big deal. land o'lakes® sauté express®. find it in the dairy aisle. >>> the onlyhing >>> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. >> well my fellow americans, this is our time. let us embrace it. >> we must pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking america. >> president obama will give his second inaugu
he's a republican, but i believe he's voted for president obama in the last two election cycles. >> sean: twice. >> i think for him to go on national television and smear an entire party with that kind of baseless attack is beneath him.
to make this a party d.c. will never forget. on january 19th, just two days before obama's second inauguration, the sexy liberal comedy tour, will perform live at the warner theater in washington, d.c. tickets are available at, and if you want to skip the fees stop by the warner box office at 513, 13th street north. the tea baggers lost in november, so stephanie miller is going to do her thing before the inaugural ball. for more information go to ♪ >> stephanie: whoo yay! the sexy liberal rolland sexy liberal tour director is too busy to talk to me now, so i don't know how many tickets are left. >> also my friend jeff. >> stephanie: my boy toy. >> he says to hear you guys complain about cold weather is so funny. and then he says ermahgerd, snurl! >> whacky morning d.c.s wear the same shirts. >> stephanie: yeah. we're going to the white house tomorrow. we have a private west wing and situation wing tour -- what do you wear -- >> i'm wearing a button-down shirt and some really dark like jeans -- >> stephanie: do you think
believe he's voted for president obama in the last two election cycles. >> sean: twice. >> i think for him to go on national television and smear an entire party with that kind of baseless attack is beneath him. it's beneath the service that he provided to the nation and i was frankly sorry to see it because it's clearly inaccurate and not the kind of smear you'd expect from somebody like general powell. >> sean: well said and disappointing. i was disappointed when i heard it. >> exactly. >> sean: ronald reagan and bush 41 and bush 43 and the republican party, he has now moved to the left, obviously, not supporting policies that are conservative and it seems like a political attack. >> no, i think it clearly was. look, sean, you know better than anybody, this nation is at a crossroads and we're facing a huge challenge internationally, in terms of the threats posed to us from terrorist organizations like al-qaeda and a usage threats at home in terms of having a president that's unwilling to deal with the fiscal issues, unwilling to deal with the debt crisis and addicted to more spending and
, julie. the biggest party in america kicks off this week, from beyonce to kelly clarkson, celebrities are flocking to the district. while president obama's second inauguration will be slightly smaller than his first, the tickets for the event are the hottest in town. we turn to senior editor at capital file magazine. tony and i were saying, you have the best gig in town, especially now. >> i do. it's a great, great time. we're excited to see all the things happening in the city. we're really on display, the nation's capital. time to go. time to party. >> what is the headline here? we've been saying it's not going to be as grand as it was. the official ball, or the balls the president and the first lady are expected to go to, much smaller. like two this year. >> two. but they will have quite a few people. armed service members will be at one of them, and there will be more than 30,000 people at another one. >> wow. >> they're not very small gigs. however, there are a few things happening around town. tickets for those two sold out early for the public. there are great things happening.
because even though he had support from his party in both houses of congress, that was the one he was not able to do. caller: i would ask your guest to address mr. obama's promise which drew in the young voters that he was going to be great unifier. i would contend he has deliberately set out to polarize the country and that 51% of americans voted for him but that the other 49% of americans that voted for him feel like he is sticking his tongue out at us and giving us the finger. i feel we are more polarized than we were and i see that as a promise greatly broken. guest: in fact, there is a promise to the fact that we do have the promise broken. we represented by his promise to bring both parties together to pass an agenda. as you say, there has not been success at that. there is a very robust debate about who is to blame but in terms of actions -- i have not seen him stick out his tongue or flipping the bird at anyone but i can say event this is definitely a very polarized place. that is a promise broken. host: here is a tweet - guest: i think more than ever. this is the kind of
would have beaten him and crushed him. carter never had his party with him. >> i wonder if that model works better now, having the people behind you model just with increased engagement over social media. just asking myself that question. >> think of the cooperative relationship obama and nancy pelosi had and how crucial to getting all that stuff through the first two years. >> still need that apparatus. >> unnecessary -- >> i won't call it a favorite inaugural moment. i'm going to call it a cautionary tale. the longest address ever was william harris harrison's inaugural address in 1841. it was nearly two hours. think about that. two hours. that you're standing out there in the cold. watching this old time fighter just sort of ramble on and on and on. cautionary tale is he didn't wear a coat and he got a cold and literally -- 30 days later, died of pneumonia. keep it brief, fellows. keep it brief. >> wait. hasn't that whole cold -- actually being in the cold leading to illness thing been debunked? >> not in process of this. >> sorry. >> not for this segment. >> cold water on your --
a positive development for our economy. the first point i want to make, when the two parties can get together on some of these issues this and that things can happen. with respect to poverty specifically, i think it is a well-kept secret of mitt romney and barack obama advocated indexing the minimum wage to the rate of inflation. it does not matter now, because we have no inflation, but if the economy gets better and we do not index the minimum wage to inflation people at the bottom of the income spectrum are going to lose ground rather than gain ground in the recovery that is a modest sensible thing we should all agree on. >> that is pretty good for a dean. i'll give you all the leeway you need to do that. i wonder if you can help me imagine what a white house conference to eradicate poverty with the left and right present to talk about ideas that could work if they could agree on -- give me a sense of at this moment what some of the ideas on the table might be that could get this moving, and you can respond to what you wanted to earlier. >> part of the challenges that most of the experts wh
, but there is a lot of partying that goes a long as well. >> i would like to ask a question regarding legacy. you mentioned and jackson was a man of the people. given the great deal of support that president obama had received in the 2009 inauguration, what will we expect to hear from him that might define or establish his legacy on monday? >> a very good point, residents of the united states can't campaign again, but they campaign for history. they get very conscious of their role in history, what will they be remembered for? it is interesting, the president that either did not get a second term or whose second term was considered disastrous often wind up campaigning even harder. some of our presidents have been great ex-president, working hard to establish that kind of historical legacy. i think president obama will use that opportunity to try to find what it is and how you want people to think of them not just now, but in the future. and king has just had a monument built to him. 50 years ago, 1963, king gave his speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. there will be some connection to tha
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)